This is the Official Site for the Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association.

The Lincoln longwool sheep is one of the most important breeds ever seen in our green and pleasant land. For centuries the wool from the sheep was exported to the continent by the ton. In addition the older sheep were walked to London to provide mutton, lanolin for soap and tallow for candles.

The Lincoln is also well known for it's unique genetics, not only producing a spectacular lustre wool but also showing resistance to several foot-rot causing organisms.

Now this breed needs support. It's numbers have declined alarmingly in recent years and more people are needed to help this tremendous breed continue into the future.

They are a very calm breed, which can be easily handled.

Would you like to own a small flock of these sheep?


If you want to talk about obtaining a flock why not e-mail the Secretary?


If you appreciate the aims of the Association but are not quite ready to get a flock why not consider becoming an Associate Member. For only £15 you will get access to flock visits, social events and a warm welcome at the major agricultural shows in Lincolnshire. See the "Join US" page on this site.


The Melton Show and Sale: This was extremely successful with a lot of quality stock being sold for very decent prices. The sale attracted a number of buyers, which led to some lively bidding.


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 The Association has received a request for breeding sheep.

Mike Pritchard from Oswestry is looking to start a flock.

If you have any stock spare please contact him on:-





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